Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers who are fighting for the protection of christian refugees in Germany.

We are not part of a certain confession or church, but are working with all confessions.

We seek to protect the Christians in german refugee camps, who are without protection from the homes, the police and the government.

We take them into out private homes, take care of a place to stay and support them with everything they need. 

What do we want?

Our aim is to raise a group of volunteers in the whole federal republic of Germany, who are taking in persecuted christian refugees. We are specially aiming to protect woman and children.

We want separated homes for Christians, Yazidi people and other Minorities in the whole area of Germany.

We are offering homes for persecuted refugees.


Protection in the homes

  1. We seek special protection for the christian Minority (and other religious and ethical minorities).
  2. We want separate shelters for Christians in refugee camps, which are located differently.
  3. We want the opportunity for Christians to seek help.
  4. We want neutral guards, supervision of the guards and neutral translators.
  5. We want serious charges for crimes (which have a religious motivation) against Christians.

Why only Christians?

It is not only about Christians, we need protection for all minorities who seek our shelter.

But our main focus is on the Christians. We want to support our brothers and sisters in faith.

Secondly Christians seem to be the most persecuted minority in the refugee camps. They have been harassed, beaten, sexually abused and there have been killings.

We hope that this action is making a difference for all minorities.

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