The problem

Why to we need to help christian refugees?

The Christians in the middle east are a minority. They are being persecuted by the Muslim majority and to not have any protection at their homes. Since the terror through IS there are thousands of Christians being slaughtered and others who seek shelter. The ones who cannot afford it to flee are being slaughtered.

We are responsible because of our german history. We did not only persecute religious minorities during the Nazi area, but are also responsible for the genocide against the Armenians. Many Christians in the middle east are not only a religious minority, but also an ethic minority such as Assyrians and Arameans.

We apply to the german government, which rests on its christian-Jewish heritage. The german constitution protects the freedom of religion and seeks to protect against discrimination. It is the responsibility of the german government to enforce german law in all refugee homes and camps. The german law guarantees the freedom of religion. It should be the same inside and outside the refugee camps.

However the real situation in the refugee camps are mus different. In recent times there has been a number of aggressive attacks on christian refugees. Not enough there are being discriminated at home, but now also in Germany where they seek shelter form their persecutors. There have been cases of mobbing, discrimination, denial of living ones religion, harassment, assault, sexual abuse, forced conversions, physical attacks, stabbing and even killing. There have been cases where the christian refugees have been attacked by the security guards or that the security guards (often Muslims themselves) did not prevent attacks against Christians.

The persecution of Christians in Germany is very real and is drastically growing. The government does nothing against the persecution of christian refugees. The situation is specially bad for woman and children who have not chance of self defense. The government does not seek to protect them.

Therefor we took action for ourselves. We are doing something against the persecution of christian refugees in Germany. We do not want them to suffer or even being killed. We cannot stand the persecution of Christians in Germany!

We are acting against persecution of refugees in Germany.

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