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If you are a christian (no matter what confession) and want to support persecuted refugees in Germany, then you can help us with the following.



We are looking for shelter. We need at least one in every federal state in Germany. This is due to the fact that a refugee cannot leave the state where he is registered.

The biggest need is currently in Berlin.

Options for shelters are:

  • in private homes
  • in christian charity organizations
  • in churches
  • in pastor's homes
  • other places

If you want to take in somebody at your private home, then you should know that this could be a high risk for you and your family. Please consider this carefully. If you do not have the capacities, then there are other means of helping.

We do not want at all that sheltering a family will be a burden to you. It is also possible that you can be attacked in your home (which we do not want), if you are not careful. Please be aware of the risk. Please keep everything secret and anonymous.

But to take in christian refugees is a great possibility for you and your church.

Picking someone up

If you have a car (specially a big one), then you can also pick up refugees and bring them to the shelter. Sometimes it is necessary to offer a shelter for a night or two until we found a permanent place to stay.

Maybe you can also pick somebody up via public transportation. But be aware that you have to carry luggage.

Donate money

You are welcome to donate finances to support our work. We need money for the shelter, food, clothing, transportation, etc.

The whole work is non profit.

Right now we do not have a special bank account. But we are working on it. Meanwhile you can contact us, if you want to donate something.

Donate other means

You can also donate clothing, food, furniture and other stuff. I you want to donate anything feel free to contact us before.

Please notice that clothing and furniture needs to be in good shape, please do not donate unusable stuff.

Further questions?

I you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Want to join us?

If you want to join or support us contact us in every case.

You help is being gratefully appreciated.



We are working on a non profit base. We cannot pay your for it, because we need the finances to support the refugees. Thanks

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