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How does it work?

Call us

If you need help or know someone who needs help, call us! Also read the instructions on what we need to know below.

You can either call us on the hotline above or write a mail.

If you are calling our hotline, we try to forward you call to somebody who speaks your language (German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Syrian or Tigrinya).


We need to know

  1. What happened? You we need to inform the police? How urgent is it?
  2. Where are you?
  3. How many persons need help?
  4. How much luggage do you have?
  5. Do you need special care (e.g. woman, children)?
  6. Which nationality do you have?
  7. What languages do you speak?


If you called us or contacted us via email, that we are looking for somebody who can pick you up.

We take care of your immediate needs and then bring you to the shelter.


There are two kinds of shelter, in private homes and christian organizations. We are trying to find you a shelter, which fits your needs, your situation and our capabilities. All the shelters are secret locations we cannot risk more persecution.

Private homes

Sometimes we offer private homes for refugees and their families.

If you want to offer your private home to shelter somebody, please read here.


In christian organizations

We also offer shelter in christian charity organizations, like camps, churches, etc.

Sometimes these places fit for a group, because they have dormitories. We are trying to manage with the different languages and ethnics.

If you can provide such a shelter feel free to contact us.


If the government cannot help anymore we are giving the support through our network. We try to help you with your basic needs (food, clothing, etc.).

The shelter where you are being placed helps to support you.

You can also get clothes if you need from our support network.


Spiritual support

Because of the traumatic experience you have faces we are trying to give counsel and spiritual support.

We also try to help you integrating into a local church. There you can find social contacts, german classes and most of all friends.

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